No rest for the kidnapped

We arrive at the Flaming Fist headquarters to report our success, get our rewards and finally some much needed rest. A nobleman barges in and walks past us as if we are beneath his notice. His companions are no better. We can hear yelling coming from the noble aimed at the lieutenant. The volume does decrease some, but continues for a short while. The nobleman leaves the office with his companions and once again ignores all of us. Lieutenant Stonefield comes out of his office shortly thereafter.

The lieutenant explains that the nobleman is a member of one of the richest merchant consortiums in Baldur’s Gate. He is reporting the kidnapping of a man. A group of mercenaries were seen dragging this man towards Black Dragon Gate. The mercs came from the south with the prisoner, completely ignoring the gate guards. The guards were near shift change and could not be bothered to take any action. So it is now the Flaming Fist’s responsibility. The mercs are staying at the Three Old Kegs inn at last report. Since they are neither members of the city guard or Flaming Fist, their actions are not sanctioned.

The lieutenant now goes on how well we have performed so far, and since he has to send someone to investigate, we should be able to handle this task. I have the feeling there is more to this than it appears, but who better to send than a band not officially connected to the city guard or Flaming Fist. He assigns us the task for us to retrieve the prisoner alive, and to bring a member of the mercenaries back for questioning.

We head towards the Three Old Kegs inn. We look around the exterior of the inn to find how easy it would be for the mercs run if they decide to do so. After some reconnoitering, we decide to enter the inn. As we begin to enter the inn, a familiar face is across the street. It is one of the nobleman’s companions. Once inside, casual questioning does little for our needs, but it was nice to see the Flaming Fist paperwork we have did get results.

The innkeeper indicates that the mercs are upstairs on the second floor at the end of the hall. He further informs us that there is no other means in or out of this room.

We begin getting ready outside of the room. Tannin and I stand before the double doors to the room. Tannin demands the occupants open for the Flaming Fist. Then the unexpected happens, no one answers us or opens the door. It has been a long day and my compassion, what little I have anyway, was at an end. I give a mighty kick to the doors. They splinter and part for us. Just inside the door, facing Tanlin and me are two Dragonborns and neither looked pleased at our announcing ourselves. Need I say, the fight was then truly engaged.

This battle went much better than some of our previous engagements. We disposed of the Dragonborns, a Bugbear and a Shadar-Kai. A human mage, who deserved death as much as the Bugbear did, gives up when he has lost the aid of his companions. We find the prisoner safe. The surprise of this engagement was Oris. I had serious doubts about his “magical” might, but he clearly has some serious mojo, as he literally burned holes in some of the mercs.

We find a shield and a wand of possible magic potential amongst the goods the mercs have been kind to bequeath to us. The mage spins a tail about the “prisoner” is in actuality a spy. The mercs were hired to return the spy to Elturgard. The mage is told to take it up with the merchant’s consortium or the Flaming Fist, the prisoner is ours now. The mage is lucky not to have joined the rest of his party.

We take both men to the Flaming Fist headquarters. We are thanked for our efforts this day and that there is possible future employment for us. We are then summary dismissed.

Cold wet cave

Our band, after a short rest, heads for the third of our assigned tasks. We head to the docks and locate a ferry to take us to where the “perfect” sea shells are to be found. We arrive at our destination and find a dark, dank cave to enter. Tanlin and I walk in side-by-side, with Berrian and Oris following not too far behind.

It is dark in this room making our scouting difficult. Oris attaches a sunrod to the business end of his scythe, illuminating the room around us. We soon discover a pile of refuse in the far edge of the room. Amongst the refuse are bones. Not a few small rodent sized, but the larger man-sized kind.

As we begin to search for our shells, Oris is pulled suddenly into a deep pool of murky water. I drop my shield and lung to grab him. I am able to get my left hand onto his weapon arm. I am not able to out pull whatever beastie has decided Oris is its next meal. Tanlin is fast acting, latching onto my legs to keep me from being drawn into the pool with Oris. I have to admit, Oris looks like a lighted fishing bob as he moves around in the murky pool.

Althaea is soon engaged in her own fight. A carrion crawler attacks her from the ceiling. She is soon in a battle for her life. I am surprised as Berend adds his talents to end this battle. Berrian proves again his worth in a fight. A second underwater beastie engages him. Berrian is an extremely effective close-in fighter.

Althaea and Berrian are able to overcome the crawler. Althaea comes and helps Tanlin and I extradite Oris and kill the beastie of the murk. The other beastie does not survive much longer. We finally realize that we have been combating otyughs. Not something you want to ever meet unprepared.

After we tend to our wounds, we begin to look around for the treasured sea shells. I find a sword and a holy symbol in the refuse mixed in with a body of some luckless soul possible dumped here. We do succeed in finding a “perfect” sea shell.

We soon depart the cave and make our way back to the hiring hall of the Flaming Fist.

Release the shipment!

After our strenuous actions at the warehouse, we decide to handle the business of the held shipment. We ask passerby’s for directions, and with a little luck and persuasion, we get heading in the right direction.

We meet with Commerce Advisor Hector. He seems a decent sort and not easy to dissuade from doing his duties. After much discussion, he allows us to go to the warehouse and investigate further. So off we go.

At the warehouse, we make our way to the shipment. There we do find items of interest. First, the guard that was here during arrival of the shipment did not show up today. Second, we find a necromantic substance on the crates. Third, there is blood on one of the crates where it might have been opened.

Taking a sample of the substance off of the crates, we head to the arcane school to find out what it is. It is a little taxing getting to the school since none of the party is inhabitants of this town. Eventually, we arrive and speak with Art Evendale. He recalls an apprentice had been sent to retrieve some of this substance.

With what we have learned, we feel that someone, possibly the guard, was paid to tamper with the shipment. We return to Hector and explain what we have found. He seems to believe us to a point and promises that he will look further into this matter. I feel that we have not satisfied our employer in this matter. To be completely honest, I have to agree that some of my companions’ desires to use less than legal means to secure this shipment might have proved more fruitful.

Bandits or Stolen Wood

With directions given to us, we head to the warehouse to claim the wrongfully harvested wood. It is a typical warehouse district. The building we seek is tall, but not truly a double story. It lacks assessable windows. The entrance is protected by locked steel doors. We discuss how we are going to enter the building. I notice Berend is standing back of the group. I fear he is absorbed more with his wellbeing than the group he has joined.

Soon the doors are opened. I am not surprised when Tanlin turns out to be deft at picking the locked doors. His smug grin of accomplishment speaks volumes.

We prepare to enter the building. Tanlin goes inside, side-by-side, with me. This raises his character in my eyes, but my coin purse is still leery of him. Tanlin shouts out to the leader of the bandits, demanding the return of the stolen wood. The refusal is as expected and would not be suited for those of the fair nature. I profess, I also demand the wood, but I let the bandits know their fate is not looking well at this time.

Needless to say, the battle commences. I would like to say the outcome was foreordained, the day was won, and all glory shined upon us. In truth, we are an untested band, not knowing one another’s skills, strengths, weaknesses, and courage in the heat of battle. I myself could have done better, but two of the foes did die at the edge of my blade. I thank Kelemvor for his guidance and blessings. Without those, I am unsure if Oris the invoker would have survived. Althaea the cleric, a battle aligned style I feel after seeing her actions, did use her abilities to aid her comrade-in-arms. Berrian the ranger and the rogue Tanlin proved themselves able combatants. Berend, an artificer, is one I will watch closely, doing my best to limit how often my back is towards him. He was quick to distance himself from the battle after he was turned into a weak torch by magical flames. I wish he had stayed amongst us; the lighting in the room was poor.

Agents arrived after the foes were defeated and the wood securely protected by us, and took possession of the wood. The spoils were poor rewards for such a hard won battle. Payment in coin does not always seem just for the hardships that have to be endured in the service of mortals.

Arrival in Baldur's Gate

I have arrived in Baldur’s Gate and low on funds. I have been informed by some locals that the Flaming Fists could be looking for individuals willing to take care of various tasks for them. To this end, I make my way to the guild hall of the Flaming Fists.

Once inside, I am told to await the arrival of a Lieutenant to be interviewed for work. Waiting alongside me are some interesting individuals. One of note is a blue skinned individual with grey geometric shapes across his body. Based on talks with the various sailors I have met in my travels, I believe he is a Deva. There is also an Eladrin female, cleric I would assume by her attire. She appears to be a typical better-than-you type of Eladrin; her facial expressions are snobbish and insincere. There is another half-elf like me, but seems to be kind of despicable by his motions and attitude. When he looked at me, I could swear he looked for my coin purse. There is also an Eladrin male, athletic looking and garbed as a woodsman. His motions lead me to believe he has been tested in battle somewhere in his past. And then there is this Dwarf male, maybe as despicable as the other half-elf. I am unsure of his skills; he carries unusual paraphernalia with him.

We all are all soon approached by Lieutenant Stonefield of the Flaming Fists. He informs us that performing enough tasks can get us initiated into the Guild. Even though I have no desire to be a full-time mercenary, I need the coin to continue my quest to find and eliminate T’i Llanth. Kelemvor will understand that the means will justify the outcome.

We are introduced to Gillian Truesilver, Hurth Blackhammer, and William Darryl who have tasks for us to perform. Truesilver relates to us that bandits have illegally harvested trees from the Cloakwood. She requests for us to go to the warehouse were the bandits are holed up and take custody of the wood. The bandits, their fate are what we desire of it. Blackhammer wants us to find and gather perfect seashells. Of course, there is reportedly some type of creature making this seeming easy task, not easy at all. Darrell drones on about Customs refusing a shipment of pottery for someone of wealth. The shipment is mistakenly being held due to a false rumor of necromantic items in the crates. He does not care how we handle the Custom officials. He is sadly mistaken if he believes I would kill official agents doing their sworn tasks.

The others and I gather and introduce ourselves. The Deva’s name is Oris Tavar. Berrian Talleron is the Eladrin male. The female Eladrin is Althaea. The beady-eyed Dwarf is Berand and the Half-elf is Tanlin. We discuss which of these tasks we will tackle first. I suggest the bandits, since we know their location now. It is unknown how long it will take the bandits to sell the wood and vanish into this large city. The others agree. Lt. Stonefield gives us documents describing our tasks and stating we are agents of the Flaming Fists. This should make the use of our weapons in town slightly less than a hanging offense.

Welcome to our game!
PC viewpoints from our campaign.

The story so far…

Our heroes have found themselves entering the city of Baldur’s Gate on the Sword Coast of Faerun, short on funds and looking for work.

After asking around, they have found that the Flaming Fist mercenary group is in need of strong arms to help police the bustling populace of this refugee city.


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