Release the shipment!

After our strenuous actions at the warehouse, we decide to handle the business of the held shipment. We ask passerby’s for directions, and with a little luck and persuasion, we get heading in the right direction.

We meet with Commerce Advisor Hector. He seems a decent sort and not easy to dissuade from doing his duties. After much discussion, he allows us to go to the warehouse and investigate further. So off we go.

At the warehouse, we make our way to the shipment. There we do find items of interest. First, the guard that was here during arrival of the shipment did not show up today. Second, we find a necromantic substance on the crates. Third, there is blood on one of the crates where it might have been opened.

Taking a sample of the substance off of the crates, we head to the arcane school to find out what it is. It is a little taxing getting to the school since none of the party is inhabitants of this town. Eventually, we arrive and speak with Art Evendale. He recalls an apprentice had been sent to retrieve some of this substance.

With what we have learned, we feel that someone, possibly the guard, was paid to tamper with the shipment. We return to Hector and explain what we have found. He seems to believe us to a point and promises that he will look further into this matter. I feel that we have not satisfied our employer in this matter. To be completely honest, I have to agree that some of my companions’ desires to use less than legal means to secure this shipment might have proved more fruitful.



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