No rest for the kidnapped

We arrive at the Flaming Fist headquarters to report our success, get our rewards and finally some much needed rest. A nobleman barges in and walks past us as if we are beneath his notice. His companions are no better. We can hear yelling coming from the noble aimed at the lieutenant. The volume does decrease some, but continues for a short while. The nobleman leaves the office with his companions and once again ignores all of us. Lieutenant Stonefield comes out of his office shortly thereafter.

The lieutenant explains that the nobleman is a member of one of the richest merchant consortiums in Baldur’s Gate. He is reporting the kidnapping of a man. A group of mercenaries were seen dragging this man towards Black Dragon Gate. The mercs came from the south with the prisoner, completely ignoring the gate guards. The guards were near shift change and could not be bothered to take any action. So it is now the Flaming Fist’s responsibility. The mercs are staying at the Three Old Kegs inn at last report. Since they are neither members of the city guard or Flaming Fist, their actions are not sanctioned.

The lieutenant now goes on how well we have performed so far, and since he has to send someone to investigate, we should be able to handle this task. I have the feeling there is more to this than it appears, but who better to send than a band not officially connected to the city guard or Flaming Fist. He assigns us the task for us to retrieve the prisoner alive, and to bring a member of the mercenaries back for questioning.

We head towards the Three Old Kegs inn. We look around the exterior of the inn to find how easy it would be for the mercs run if they decide to do so. After some reconnoitering, we decide to enter the inn. As we begin to enter the inn, a familiar face is across the street. It is one of the nobleman’s companions. Once inside, casual questioning does little for our needs, but it was nice to see the Flaming Fist paperwork we have did get results.

The innkeeper indicates that the mercs are upstairs on the second floor at the end of the hall. He further informs us that there is no other means in or out of this room.

We begin getting ready outside of the room. Tannin and I stand before the double doors to the room. Tannin demands the occupants open for the Flaming Fist. Then the unexpected happens, no one answers us or opens the door. It has been a long day and my compassion, what little I have anyway, was at an end. I give a mighty kick to the doors. They splinter and part for us. Just inside the door, facing Tanlin and me are two Dragonborns and neither looked pleased at our announcing ourselves. Need I say, the fight was then truly engaged.

This battle went much better than some of our previous engagements. We disposed of the Dragonborns, a Bugbear and a Shadar-Kai. A human mage, who deserved death as much as the Bugbear did, gives up when he has lost the aid of his companions. We find the prisoner safe. The surprise of this engagement was Oris. I had serious doubts about his “magical” might, but he clearly has some serious mojo, as he literally burned holes in some of the mercs.

We find a shield and a wand of possible magic potential amongst the goods the mercs have been kind to bequeath to us. The mage spins a tail about the “prisoner” is in actuality a spy. The mercs were hired to return the spy to Elturgard. The mage is told to take it up with the merchant’s consortium or the Flaming Fist, the prisoner is ours now. The mage is lucky not to have joined the rest of his party.

We take both men to the Flaming Fist headquarters. We are thanked for our efforts this day and that there is possible future employment for us. We are then summary dismissed.



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