Cold wet cave

Our band, after a short rest, heads for the third of our assigned tasks. We head to the docks and locate a ferry to take us to where the “perfect” sea shells are to be found. We arrive at our destination and find a dark, dank cave to enter. Tanlin and I walk in side-by-side, with Berrian and Oris following not too far behind.

It is dark in this room making our scouting difficult. Oris attaches a sunrod to the business end of his scythe, illuminating the room around us. We soon discover a pile of refuse in the far edge of the room. Amongst the refuse are bones. Not a few small rodent sized, but the larger man-sized kind.

As we begin to search for our shells, Oris is pulled suddenly into a deep pool of murky water. I drop my shield and lung to grab him. I am able to get my left hand onto his weapon arm. I am not able to out pull whatever beastie has decided Oris is its next meal. Tanlin is fast acting, latching onto my legs to keep me from being drawn into the pool with Oris. I have to admit, Oris looks like a lighted fishing bob as he moves around in the murky pool.

Althaea is soon engaged in her own fight. A carrion crawler attacks her from the ceiling. She is soon in a battle for her life. I am surprised as Berend adds his talents to end this battle. Berrian proves again his worth in a fight. A second underwater beastie engages him. Berrian is an extremely effective close-in fighter.

Althaea and Berrian are able to overcome the crawler. Althaea comes and helps Tanlin and I extradite Oris and kill the beastie of the murk. The other beastie does not survive much longer. We finally realize that we have been combating otyughs. Not something you want to ever meet unprepared.

After we tend to our wounds, we begin to look around for the treasured sea shells. I find a sword and a holy symbol in the refuse mixed in with a body of some luckless soul possible dumped here. We do succeed in finding a “perfect” sea shell.

We soon depart the cave and make our way back to the hiring hall of the Flaming Fist.



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