Bandits or Stolen Wood

With directions given to us, we head to the warehouse to claim the wrongfully harvested wood. It is a typical warehouse district. The building we seek is tall, but not truly a double story. It lacks assessable windows. The entrance is protected by locked steel doors. We discuss how we are going to enter the building. I notice Berend is standing back of the group. I fear he is absorbed more with his wellbeing than the group he has joined.

Soon the doors are opened. I am not surprised when Tanlin turns out to be deft at picking the locked doors. His smug grin of accomplishment speaks volumes.

We prepare to enter the building. Tanlin goes inside, side-by-side, with me. This raises his character in my eyes, but my coin purse is still leery of him. Tanlin shouts out to the leader of the bandits, demanding the return of the stolen wood. The refusal is as expected and would not be suited for those of the fair nature. I profess, I also demand the wood, but I let the bandits know their fate is not looking well at this time.

Needless to say, the battle commences. I would like to say the outcome was foreordained, the day was won, and all glory shined upon us. In truth, we are an untested band, not knowing one another’s skills, strengths, weaknesses, and courage in the heat of battle. I myself could have done better, but two of the foes did die at the edge of my blade. I thank Kelemvor for his guidance and blessings. Without those, I am unsure if Oris the invoker would have survived. Althaea the cleric, a battle aligned style I feel after seeing her actions, did use her abilities to aid her comrade-in-arms. Berrian the ranger and the rogue Tanlin proved themselves able combatants. Berend, an artificer, is one I will watch closely, doing my best to limit how often my back is towards him. He was quick to distance himself from the battle after he was turned into a weak torch by magical flames. I wish he had stayed amongst us; the lighting in the room was poor.

Agents arrived after the foes were defeated and the wood securely protected by us, and took possession of the wood. The spoils were poor rewards for such a hard won battle. Payment in coin does not always seem just for the hardships that have to be endured in the service of mortals.



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