Arrival in Baldur's Gate

I have arrived in Baldur’s Gate and low on funds. I have been informed by some locals that the Flaming Fists could be looking for individuals willing to take care of various tasks for them. To this end, I make my way to the guild hall of the Flaming Fists.

Once inside, I am told to await the arrival of a Lieutenant to be interviewed for work. Waiting alongside me are some interesting individuals. One of note is a blue skinned individual with grey geometric shapes across his body. Based on talks with the various sailors I have met in my travels, I believe he is a Deva. There is also an Eladrin female, cleric I would assume by her attire. She appears to be a typical better-than-you type of Eladrin; her facial expressions are snobbish and insincere. There is another half-elf like me, but seems to be kind of despicable by his motions and attitude. When he looked at me, I could swear he looked for my coin purse. There is also an Eladrin male, athletic looking and garbed as a woodsman. His motions lead me to believe he has been tested in battle somewhere in his past. And then there is this Dwarf male, maybe as despicable as the other half-elf. I am unsure of his skills; he carries unusual paraphernalia with him.

We all are all soon approached by Lieutenant Stonefield of the Flaming Fists. He informs us that performing enough tasks can get us initiated into the Guild. Even though I have no desire to be a full-time mercenary, I need the coin to continue my quest to find and eliminate T’i Llanth. Kelemvor will understand that the means will justify the outcome.

We are introduced to Gillian Truesilver, Hurth Blackhammer, and William Darryl who have tasks for us to perform. Truesilver relates to us that bandits have illegally harvested trees from the Cloakwood. She requests for us to go to the warehouse were the bandits are holed up and take custody of the wood. The bandits, their fate are what we desire of it. Blackhammer wants us to find and gather perfect seashells. Of course, there is reportedly some type of creature making this seeming easy task, not easy at all. Darrell drones on about Customs refusing a shipment of pottery for someone of wealth. The shipment is mistakenly being held due to a false rumor of necromantic items in the crates. He does not care how we handle the Custom officials. He is sadly mistaken if he believes I would kill official agents doing their sworn tasks.

The others and I gather and introduce ourselves. The Deva’s name is Oris Tavar. Berrian Talleron is the Eladrin male. The female Eladrin is Althaea. The beady-eyed Dwarf is Berand and the Half-elf is Tanlin. We discuss which of these tasks we will tackle first. I suggest the bandits, since we know their location now. It is unknown how long it will take the bandits to sell the wood and vanish into this large city. The others agree. Lt. Stonefield gives us documents describing our tasks and stating we are agents of the Flaming Fists. This should make the use of our weapons in town slightly less than a hanging offense.



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